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Group therapy is a place where you can truly belong. Where complete strangers understand you and your journey better than loved ones. 

Being with other humans who have experienced similar struggles and challenges can not only be a source of support and comfort but also can provide you with a greater understanding of yourself.

PMDD creates feelings of being out of control, self-hatred, and guilt. It can leave you feeling so incredibly lonely. Group therapy provides a space where you are not alone, you are not judged, and you don’t need to explain. Your experience and feelings are completely believed and validated.

Our groups have been designed specifically to support people impacted by PMDD, Our Groups are facilitated by PMDD-informed therapists who offer a range of therapeutic approaches including CBT, DBT skills, and Person-Centred therapy.

We offer 6 week courses of PMDD focused Group Therapy. 

Please contact us and book a consultation to join group therapy.

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