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As a Collective we know that PMDD is an exhausting and debilitating condition which can completely destroy lives. We brought together a qualified and experienced team of professionals to provide effective and compassionate support. 

There are many reasons to seek out such support: apart from the ongoing issues PMDD creates, you may find yourself in a crisis, or struggling to navigate the complex challenges it may create in relationships. 

Among the recommended medical treatments is to engage in talking therapies. While this won’t cure PMDD, having a space to talk through your experiences and the sometimes-unbearable impact the condition can have will help create clarity and build resilience. Therapy can also provide a place to learn how to recognise triggers and identify which feelings are real and which hormonal.

Weekly sessions with someone who really understands these challenges offers you a safe reflective space where it is possible to notice and understand the impact your menstrual cycle has on you.

Our team of PMDD informed therapists provide support on the days that are overwhelming, when brains are foggy or plagued by suicidal thoughts. We provide a consistent place where you can think about how you are impacted by both symptoms and treatments.

Together, we can think about coping strategies, the impact on personal and professional relationships, and work through the shame and guilt that can come after the luteal phase.

Everyone needs someone on their team, to listen to them and to help them find their voice.

As a Collective, we believe that our therapeutic approach provides you with the right support, space and sense of safety to explore all aspects yourself and your world. Working like this can create a very unique relationship which can be transformative. 

The Collective's members have a range therapeutic skills including CBT, Gestalt and Person Centred. If you are unsure what style would suit you best, drop us a message and we can talk it through with you. 

We know that living with PMDD means that each week you may need support with something different. We provide a place to cry, to feel lost, to feel rage and to feel the elation of getting your period. We encourage honesty and openness; all aspects of PMDD are welcome.

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